(MaaS) Marketing-As-A-Service is a type of holistic strategy providing a professional brand to businesses that lack adequate resources to create one on their own. Programs are tailored according to the need of the individual clients that are given the option of choosing either just one service or a combination of several services to acquire a full marketing experience. Using MaaS help businesses not only to determine who they are, but also to concentrate solely on specific marketing targets.

Marketing-As-A-Service is an approach that initiates a process of clarity for companies regarding their mission and goals, which, in turn, helps them focus on their product/service and their target clientele in order to emerge in target markets in the desired way. MaaS aims at forging meaningful relationships with the clientele through discussing essential business practices and strategies.

Marketing-As-A-Service goes far beyond traditional marketing. One-size-fits-all approach is not what defines MaaS because it is a strategy giving the service providers the opportunity to familiarize with each business and figure out what their individual needs are so that they can provide a customized service. Businesses, regardless of their size, need to concentrate on achieving their set goals, as well as on determining the right strategies to achieve them.

An efficient MaaS company would engage in in-depth analysis of not only the media and tools used by the businesses, but also of the staff and processes which can be employed to accomplish the desired outcomes.

Upholding Marketing Execution

Regardless of the capabilities of their in-house marketing team, most companies are fully and extensively aware of their brand. Nevertheless, it is in their best interest to use a Marketing-As-A-Service company in order to conduct successful marketing campaigns. Marketing-As-A-Service is ideal to advance the implementation of marketing in four different ways.


MaaS comprises of marketing professionals in a wide range of expertise in specific areas, which may not be the case with an in-house marketing department. Thus, MaaS providers can bring to the table the skills, knowledge, and experience that can create a major impact on the success of the marketing campaigns of the company and a rise in the number of prospects reached by these campaigns.


The fast-paced changes in the markets require flexibility by the businesses within these markets so that they would not let the presented opportunities pass by. Being stored in the cloud, MaaS makes streamlined operations possible and provide agility in marketing strategies. As a result, companies are able to share important messaging, as well as regular and instant messaging, not only within the company but also with prospective clients in a dynamic way.

New Perspective

More often than not, businesses tend to see the tree rather than the forest due to the nature of the daily work flow, whereas Marketing-As-A-Service manages to see things in a wider perspective and evaluate the effectiveness of current campaigns better than a marketing department which is generally caught up in daily operations.
MaaS helps businesses to analyze and evaluate each and every campaign, and determine the ones that truly work. Consequently, a Marketing-As-A-Service provider would present new perspectives regarding the cost-efficiency, better productivity and higher return on investment.

Better Time Management

The productivity of marketing teams is usually higher if these teams are given the opportunity to concentrate solely on their strengths. When a Marketing-As-A-Service takes on the non-fundamental elements of the business, the members of the marketing team are able to attend the core functions, resulting in not only a more productive and efficient operation but also time and money saving for the business.

Assessing the Business Requirements

When companies choose to work with a Marketing-As-A-Service, the first thing they should do is to analyze their operations in order to acquire the best service from the MaaS. They should first consider as to why they need to outsource. Provided that companies determine the potential problems, -from inefficiencies in general to inability to maintain existing clients, from missing deadlines to low ROI, MaaS can be much more efficient for the businesses using them.
Businesses should also evaluate the skills displayed by their in-house marketing team in order to decide which skills are needed to be brought in by the MaaS provider. Once the required skill sets are determined, businesses should evaluate the services of the Marketing-As-A-Service providers available and inquire about whether these providers can meet their distinct needs; whether they are capable of introducing innovative processes or new technology; or whether or not they have had a proven track record with other businesses.

Adopting MaaS for Your Business

Regardless of the size of your company — a new startup or a small business in need of all sorts of marketing matters; or a large company in need of assistance about a specific marketing issue–, MaaS is key to your success. A MaaS provider, thanks to its capable team, is able to elevate your brand with a professional touch.

Frandity provides marketing resources for industries ranging from education to medicine, from tourism to wellness, from retail to FMCG to name a few. The marketing strategies we use for businesses of all sizes involve generating website traffic, increasing digital presence, improving the identity of the brand and increasing the profit.

Businesses using Marketing-As-A-Service are able to considerably raise their presence without doing the heavy-lifting needed for success. When you clarify your business’ goals and brand identity, Frandity’s team of experts will make sure that your marketing needs will be met, by utilizing the appropriate tools, technology and expertise. Consequently, as a MaaS provider, Frandity will spare you from the stress of the multiple obligations of operating a business and may even lower your cost in the long-term.

Take a step now and react out to Frandity to learn how we can assist you in becoming relevant and in adopting the holistic way of marketing that you might have always wanted but not known how to achieve.

Let’s Get Outside the Box Together!

Break through the typical marketing and work models! As part of our portfolio, experience new features of marketing and spearhead the best practices of the new generation marketing.So, let us set and achieve your marketing-related goals together! Let us be your “CLOUD” marketing team and dig out the needs of your business! And let our all-star team be the one to make your brand a star!

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