Will I be charged for the setup?

We don't bill clients for the setup separately - this is part of your first month's service. If during the first 30 days there is no live activity (for example - no media cost) you'll only be billed for half…

Who is my main POC? How would we communicate?

Your main point of contact (POC) for each of our services is the founders of Frandity. that you've chosen for the project. In addition, once you are matched to your expert, you will be introduced to your Growth Strategist and…

How many times can I revise the expert before I approve them?

You can revise your Expert and Strategy as many times as you wish before starting. No campaigns will begin until you have complete confidence and approve.

Why does the onboarding process take up to 3-5 days?

Because we take the matching process seriously! We want you to scale, and to do it with the best fit expert by your side. While you're waiting to be matched, we make sure the project is properly aligned with the…

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