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Remarketing is a term that is frequently used in marketing, but not many people understand it. In fact, there are two main types of remarketing:

Remarketing on search engines: when users conduct a search on your website and leave without making a purchase (or clicking on any ad), Google will show them ads related to their previous searches as they browse other websites.

Remarketing on social networks: this method allows you to display ads on Facebook or Instagram based on user behavior and interests. For example, if you have an e-commerce store selling clothes for men aged between 35-45 years old who live in New York City, then advertising about similar products would be shown exclusively to such people. This way your brand gets recognized by potential customers much faster than if it were advertised randomly among millions of other brands trying to attract their attention.

Remarketing is a practice that allows you to target people who visited your website with custom messages.

The practice of remarketing is a way to target people who have visited your website with custom messages. It’s based on third-party cookies that track users’ web browsing behaviour and allow you to display ads on several websites, even after they left yours.

The goal of remarketing is to convert these visitors back into customers.

It’s based on third-party cookies that track users’ web browsing behaviour and allow you to display ads on several websites, even after they left yours.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They help websites remember your actions and preferences for a longer period of time than is possible without them.

Cookies can be used to recognize you when you return to a website, as well as gain information about your online habits such as the links clicked or pages visited by other users with access to that particular cookie. Cookies also allow advertisers to target their ads at specific types of people based on factors like location or income level.

The effectivity of remarketing has been proven both by statistics and by the widespread use of this technique by large companies.

The effectiveness of remarketing is proven by statistics. According to Google Analytics, a simple remarketing campaign can increase sales by 233%.

Remarketing is used by many large companies. For example: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Uber. Remarketing helps these companies to increase the conversion rate to their product or service.
For example: if you were searching for something on Google and then clicked on an ad of a certain company that showed up in the search results you would be added to their remarketing database and they will be able to show ads with products related to what you were searching for in the future even if it’s months ahead!

It proves that investing in ads is not only necessary but also beneficial for your business.

It’s a fact that ads are the best way to attract new customers and keep existing ones. They’re also an effective way to build brand awareness, increase sales and revenue, and increase profits.

If you’ve been thinking about advertising your business on Google AdWords but don’t know where to start, this guide will help explain how you can use remarketing in your marketing strategy.

Nowadays, specialists have created a lot of remarketing tools, almost all of them are using AI and machine learning technology. Remarketing tools are a great way to reach potential customers who’ve already visited your site but left without buying. Most people come to the website with some kind of intent: maybe they want to buy something or get information about something. But if you don’t pay attention to these visitors, you may lose them forever.

Remarketing tools use AI and machine learning technology to personalize ads for users based on their previous actions (e.g., page visits) or demographics (e.g., age) so that they look more relevant than generic ads shown by Google AdWords or Facebook Ads Manager

Below we present what we consider to be the best remarketing tools available online, divided into two parts – more general ones (such as Google Ads or AdRoll) and those specialized in particular industries (e-commerce, real estate).

As mentioned, there are two types of remarketing tools: general and industry.

  • General tools include Google Ads and AdRoll. These allow you to create campaigns on a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Bing/Yahoo Search Network or even LinkedIn. They also allow for the creation of custom audiences from user data collected from previous site visits or purchases.
  • Industry tools are specific for each niche (e-commerce stores like Shopify & BigCommerce; real estate sites like Zillow; travel agencies like TripAdvisor). They allow you to target your audience based on the products they’ve viewed or searched for in the past – so if someone has looked at a specific product page before they will see it again when they visit another page of this type later on.

Remarketing campaign can help you boost engagement and conversion rate

Remarketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to follow your site visitors around the web with ads. It’s based on third-party cookies that track users’ web browsing behaviour and allow you to display ads on several websites they visit. These cookies are stored in your browser, and they can be used by advertisers or publishers to show relevant ads across multiple sites.

Remarketing campaigns can help you boost engagement, conversion rate, and customer loyalty for your business by helping it stay top of mind for potential customers as they browse other websites.

Alternative Remarking tools

Mailchimp specializes in engaging with customers through relevant and informed emails.

Through their automation, they can seamlessly send the right message at the right time to remarket to potential buyers.

Mailchimp is unique in setting up customer journeys to control the message sent out along the buying process.

Among the most beneficial for remarketing are the abandoned cart emails that remind customers of items left in their cart.

In addition, product retargeting emails remind people to come back and revisit items they had previously viewed on your site.

The services available through Mailchimp work in the background to help increase sales of your products.

Product recommendations are also built into the remarketing emails, so prospective buyers see related items.

ConvertFlow prioritizes personalization for customers throughout their entire journey. Through insightful automation, website visitors are tagged and segmented based on their behavior.

This helps target them with the right campaign or email marketing tool to win the conversion.

For returning customers, ConvertFlow offers personalized CTAs, showing relevant products to complete the sale.

This tool also personalizes the journey based on a visitor’s company name and job title to help secure lucrative accounts.

Criteo boasts dynamic retargeting advertisements that utilize sophisticated technology.

Instead of just reminding a website visitor of a product they viewed, the advertisements can target other products likely to lead to a conversion.

Their technology has excellent product recommendations and can track customers across channels to browse your site and the competition.

Criteo maximizes ROI by predicting when a shopper is most likely to convert.

Then, it personalizes ads with creative optimization with engaging ad layouts, colors, and a call to action that will influence the individual consumer.

Fixel focuses on remarketing through data-driven tactics, relying on segmentation to ensure your audience gets the right ad to convert.

Using AI, a code is added to your website and can be integrated with platforms you are already using (Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc.).

Fixel then helps you zero in on users with a higher purchasing intent.

This tool is fine-tuned for remarketing as it reduces spending on “browsers” and focuses on serious people about your product.

ReTargeter offers three products specific to retargeting audiences.

First, similar to other tools we’ve listed, a piece of code is added to your site to help reengage visitors after they have left your site.

ReTargeter is dedicated to user privacy, collecting vital personalized data while using anonymous ids. This keeps the consumer’s data safe while being targeted while they browse online.

ReTargeter also offers search retargeting to reach users who are still searching for products like yours even after they have left your website.

Your team enters a list of keywords, and the advanced technology takes over to find audiences that match your search words.

Again, this helps reach customers interested in your product without paying for search clicks.

Wunderkind Audiences
Wunderkind is on a mission to provide the most individualized advertising to your customer by connecting data from across multiple channels.

Using this information, this tool creates highly motivated audiences who are likely to convert.

Wunderkind offers triggered emails that are personalized to the individual consumer. It also provides text message advertising to engage with would-be buyers.

Add to that the website advertising that helps to grow your subscriber list, and you have a recipe for engagement wherever your prospective buyer is spending their time.

Wunderkind prides itself on identifying audiences with high intent to increase your ROI.

SharpSpring Ads
SharpSpring Ads (formerly Perfect Audience) promises to maximize your advertising impact through comprehensive retargeting channels.

So, whether you are looking to target audiences from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or hoping to win back sales on your website, SharpSpring has you covered.

With Shopify, you can set up dynamic ads that integrate with your storefront.

Personalized shopping ads appear across platforms on any device.

SharpSpring tailors ads to reconnect with lost users through their dynamic ad builder. This allows you to customize the featured products, color, text, and CTAs.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and will be able to use these tools for your own purposes. If you have any additional questions about remarketing or need help setting up a campaign, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

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