Breaking through with seven trends
Each of our 2021 global marketing trends shares the common theme of breaking out of our often- defensive mindsets to more holistically—and authentically—meet human needs.

In our opening trend chapter on Purpose, we establish the foundation required to flourish in even the most turbulent of times. To do this, organizations should be deeply attuned to why they exist and who they are built to serve.

Our second chapter, Agility, explores how organizations can best structure themselves to not only live out this purpose, but also to do so as stakeholder needs unfold.

The Human Experience chapter explores how organizations can break out of their efficiency-first mindsets to elevate the experiences of their customers, workforces, and business partners.

In our fourth chapter, Trust, we provide a means to holding brands accountable and ensuring that the messages they convey are congruent with the experiences they deliver.

Our fifth trend chapter, Participation, makes use of an in-depth consumer study to highlight how some of the leading companies in the world are harnessing customer passion to bolster their engagement strategies through customer-led innovation and advocacy.

Our Fusion trend sheds light on how some of the most creative companies in the world were able to overcome their defensive mindsets to create entirely new solutions through the fusing of new partnerships, customer ideas, and digital ecosystems.

The final chapter, Talent, provides a line of sight into how marketing can elevate its talent model into a competitive differentiator—even in the toughest of times.

These trends do not purport to predict what the future holds, but they may offer something more pressing: a path forward to help your customers, workforces, and society when, collectively, we need it the most.

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***This article is excerpted from Deloitte.

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