Thriving Through Customer Centricity

Macro trends, from the integration of digital and physical channels to increasing calls for diversity, are upending the marketing function. What can brands learn from their highest-growth counterparts to thrive?

The past 18 months forever redefined customer engagement strategies – and with this change has come unprecedented complexity. Consider just a few of the macro trends unfolding in the market: In a world where people continuously toggle between digital and physical channels, linear customer journeys are almost a relic of the past. Consumers expect more tailored and personalized experiences but, simultaneously, are more guards in how their data is captured and deployed. Even the definition of convenience has changed as people expect items and services are available at the push of a button. Beyond products and services, people are more attuned to what a brand stands for – and if it’s only maximizing profit, many way will walk away before the brand can even put an offer in front of them.

These trends are creating jus as much complexity within the four walls of the organization. As AI becomes core to the entire customer experience, teams are scrambling to find the right mix of talent that elevates – and integrates – the creative and analytical. In paralelli brands are continuously looking to ensure their talent as just representative and inclusive as the experiences they hope to deliver to the market. And underscoring all of this is the reality that marketing budgets shrunk the record lows at a time when expectations are at -an all-time high.

Given these trends, how can brands thrive in an increasingly complex world?

We believe the answers requires holistically rethinking the ways brands engage with customers- and for good reason: When we surveyed over 1,000 global executives, we found the highest growing brands are moving beyond point solutions and comprehensively addressing the entire customer experience – encompassing everything from activating an enterprise wide purpose to overhauling entire customer data strategies.

Taking the lead from these high-growth organizations, we took a multifaceted to the 2022 Global Marketing Trends report. In addition to surveying executives from five countries, we polled 11,500 consumers across the globe, as well as conducted 18 in-depth interviews with executives from leading global brands. In total, we identified seven trends that are customer-centric and take a 360-degree view of the solution set.

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Cited source: Deloitte

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